In the appendix to Reinventing Professional Services, I included a list of over 40 different social networks and just learned of a new one that seems to have the potential to transform medical care.  Doximity is a free site for doctors, which enables them to seek (HIPPA-compliant) advice on complex cases, as well as reconnect with colleagues, former classmates and co-residents, create research, 2nd opinion, and consulting opportunities, and raise the visibility of their practices.  It counts 1 in 7 physician members (in fact, over 80,000 across the U.S. have joined since October 2010) and verifies each prospect, who can upload a resume, publications list, training experience and lectures, to permit others to determine the best professional for a particular consultation.  Consumers pay to access the Doximity database, but users leverage it as a free clinical tool.

[HT to my colleague, Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, blogger at and featured expert in Reinventing Professional Services, for the reference.]

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