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Host, Ari Kaplan, is an attorney, author, and leading legal industry analyst. He has been sharing interviews with industry leaders shaping the next generation of legal and professional services since 2009. A two-time Ironman triathlon finisher, he is teaching himself to code (poorly) in python and writing a new book about reimagining business and careers in the next decade.

Latest Episodes

April 2, 2020

I spoke with Tom Dreyfus, the CEO and co-founder of Josef, an Australian legal automation platform. Prior to founding Josef, Tom worked as a litigator in Melbourne, Australia and clerked at the High Court of Australia. We discussed the genesis of Josef, why legal professionals should leverage automation, the benefits and risks of a distributed or ground-up approach to legal automation, and the future of legal work.

March 31, 2020

I spoke with Steve Tover, the founder of Anylaw, a free legal research platform. We discussed the genesis of Anylaw, how it differs from other legal research solutions, the company’s business model, and where the legal research sector is headed.

March 26, 2020

I spoke with Alex Babin, the CEO of ZERØ, an AI-powered email platform. We discussed the genesis of Zero, how it leverages artificial intelligence to help users manage their email, the value of ZERØ Lite, how law firms can reinvent themselves in a remote-first working environment, and the advantages of applying automation to law firm operations.

March 24, 2020

I spoke with Patrick DiDomenico, the chief innovation officer for Jackson Lewis, a large national labor and employment-focused law firm with more than 60 offices throughout the United States, and the author of Knowledge Management for Lawyers (American Bar Association, 2016). We discussed his mission at the firm, key challenges in the current crisis, best practices for law firms adapting to a completely remote working environment, and the role of legal technology in this transformation.

March 20, 2020
I spoke with Tom Jones, the founder and CEO, and Jeff Suhr, the senior vice president for Intellistat and Steere, respectively, for Iridium Technology, a business intelligence and financial analytics company. We discussed the genesis of Iridium Technology, the drivers of analytics in the legal field, and how the availability of robust and actionable data is driving change in the legal industry.
March 11, 2020

I spoke with Josh Maley, the founder of Theorem, a platform designed to aggregate legal technology applications for law firms and corporate legal departments. We discussed the genesis of Theorem, how using it impacts how organizations manage their application suite, and advice for law firm and legal department leaders who are driving innovation.

March 6, 2020

I spoke with Marco Maggio, the vice president of Strategic Practices for the All Covered division of Konica Minolta. We discussed the key trends impacting the legal industry in 2020, those which are most important to your clients, why the predictability of outcomes has become so important, and whether legal innovation is at a tipping point.

March 3, 2020

I spoke with Debbie Reynolds, the founder of Debbie Reynolds Consulting, who provides guidance to corporations on global data privacy, data protection, and legal technology issues. We discussed the genesis of her consulting practice, the most pressing data privacy issue that companies are facing today, best practices that companies should implement to maintain compliance, and the impact of the CCPA on data privacy in the US.

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