I spoke with Roe Frazer, the founder of Cicayda, a Nashville-based software company providing cloud-based e-discovery tools; Case Logistix, now owned by Thomson Reuters; and, Digome, a digital marketing firm.

Frazer noted that the name of his new venture, Cicayda, comes from the quest to find a rare blue-eyed cicayda and compared it to a legal team’s search for documents in the era of big data.  Calling it “Angry Birds for e-discovery,” he highlighted that Cicayda offers an app-like look and feel for all of the company’s offerings.

Frazer’s goal is make software that lawyers can use while bringing “transparent pricing and price sanity” to the marketplace through a pay-per-use model.  He considers this new offering “iteration 0.0” because he expects that customers will drive future development through social media channels.

Listen to our interview below: