I have been reading various reports about the makers of the Pebble watch shattering fundraising records on Kickstarter (including this recent article from CNNMoney).  At the time of this posting, Pebble had secured $8,892,610 from 59,100 backers (over $5 million more than the prior record holder, Double Fine Productions). Then I saw this discussion of 8 Tips for Raising Money Through Kickstarter and wanted to share its tips:

  1. Set your goal lower than you think you need
  2. Have a record of accomplishments
  3. Look at successful and unsuccessful campaigns
  4. Give good rewards
  5. Make a short, well-produced video (I have included Pebble’s video below)
  6. Offer updates (I have also included the update video from Tim Schafer, the founder of Double Fine)
  7. Thank contributors as they donate
  8. Promote your project everywhere

To study Pebble’s (record-breaking) stats or to pre-order a watch, visit it’s Kickstarter page here.