Fulbright & Jaworski partners, Mark Anthony Kadzielski and Jee-Young Kim, both based in Los Angeles, issued a briefing – “New Telemedicine Rule: Practicalities and Pitfalls” – about a new rule governing telemedicine credentialing and privileging that became effective earlier this month.  They note that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services defines telemedicine as the “provision of clinical services to patients by practitioners from a distance via electronic communications.”

It is in many ways the essence of reinvention.

The goals of the new rule include many of the same elements that a variety of industries are focusing on for their constituents:

  • Providing more flexibility to small hospitals and critical access hospitals in regions with a limited supply of primary care and specialized providers;
  • Creating a more cost-effective alternative to traditional service delivery approaches; and,
  • Improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Gabriel Pivawer of Edison Imaging Associates, PA in Edison, NJ for Reinventing Professional Services.  During our conversation, he discussed a key trend in teleradiology, which you are welcome to listen to below —