Back in the late 1990s, I started freelancing soon after I began practicing law.  I had the opportunity to co-author a column for the Journal of Commerce with a remarkable lawyer, but as the Internet started becoming more popular, I began pitching ideas related to the convergence of technology and the law.  One of the earliest outlets I contacted was a website known as (acquired by and it was kind to publish this piece.

In 2003, its founder, Kevin O’Keefe, went on to create LexBlog, which has become one of the largest and most successful platforms for blogging and social media in the legal industry, boasting 6,000 lawyer authors.  I had the chance to interview Kevin at Avvo‘s recent Avvocating conference in Seattle and we discussed the evolution of how professionals are raising their profiles, techniques for leveraging technology to build a reputation, and proven methods for enhancing relationships.  Among many other great points, he noted that “Content is not the most important thing; listening is the most important thing.”

Watch our interview below: