I spoke with a number of the participants from the LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator, including:

  • Ryan Alshak, the CEO of Ping, an artificial intelligence-supported timekeeping and analytics platform for enterprise-level time and billing at law firms.
  • Alex Hewitt, the director of operations for vTestify, a web application that enables lawyers to conduct depositions and gather testimony remotely.
  • Tunji Williams, the co-founder and CEO of DealWIP, a cloud-based workflow integration platform for corporate legal matters.

And, David Schnurman, the CEO of Lawline, a leading provider of continuing legal education, who shared insights from his upcoming book – Break Through Your Walls: Bring Your Entrepreneurial Sledgehammer.

We discussed lessons learned in 2017, how the legal industry will shift in 2018, and ways that legal tech start-ups take advantage of new technology, changing expectations, and general market trends in the New Year.