I had a chance to interview Todd Moster, the director of recruitment & placement for Moster Legal Placement in Beverly Hills, about his new book, The Underground Guide to Job Interviewing (CreateSpace, 2011), which he describes as “entertaining and funny as a teaching device to keep the reader’s attention.”  He notes that “there is no silver bullet; the main rule is preparation in job interviews.”  His tips include:

  • Think about whether you want to make a job move and if it is appropriate.
  • Find out as much information as possible about the position, e.g., day-to-day responsibilities, what happened to the last person in the role, and the reporting structure, among other elements.
  • Practice articulating highlights of your experience in a way that should be clear to the interviewer.
  • Think about questions to ask; not having questions could be fatal.  That is a one-way ticket down the elevator shaft without an elevator.
  • Know the questions you should not ask, including what the position pays or the amount of training involved.

Listen to our interview below: