When I was in Australia for the ALPMA conference, a colleague told me about SourceBottle, a popular press leads service based in Australia that has been operating in the region for a few years. I discussed the value of such services in Reinventing Professional Services, and SourceBottle founder Rebecca Derrington explains in this blog post why she has launched the free sourcing tool to support women’s interests in the US and Canada:

In North America, existing PR connection tools cover any industry, from technology to healthcare to financial services and education. But when you consider that 85 percent of consumer purchases in the US are made by women, awareness of the ‘sheconomy’ means more products and services are being developed that cater for female consumers, more marketers are focusing on reaching specific female demographics, and more bloggers and journalists are covering topics related to women’s interests.

That’s why I felt there was a need for a journalist-to-source tool that was exclusively focused on topics around women’s interests, including beauty & fashion, business, home & lifestyle, health, parenting and relationships. And that’s what SourceBottle for North America does. It doesn’t duplicate what already exists. Instead, it’s tailored specifically and only for journalists and bloggers who need sources for their stories on women’s interests, and for PR pros who represent expert sources (male or female) who can provide insight on these topics.

Try it out and let me know what you think.  Watch the video below for further insight: